What if I told you that hustling & ‘doing more’ doesn’t actually get you to your goals sooner?

Introducing Power Dad

The 21-day Power Dad Program is here to transform your life and help you overcome these struggles.
Unlock your full potential and create a life of balance, impact, and fulfillment.

Imagine a Life...

… Where you have the clarity and direction to pursue what truly matters to you.

… With more than enough time to play with your kids, get healthy again and have overflowing energy so you can do what you want!


There are 3 CRUCIAL areas that every burned-out Dad needs to master FIRST before anything else to get his house in order.  Read on to see how you can take the overwhelm, regret, and lack of clarity out of your life, and replace it with increased performance, drive, and excitement!!

"You're A Dad. We Are Dads. We Get You!"

Busy Busy Busy

We are busy dudes with lots on the go… always bouncing from one thing to the next like getting things done at work, trying not to miss our kid’s next game, and trying not to miss another workout. It’s no wonder there’s barely enough time to just take a breath.


Left unchecked, this can put a big strain on our relationships with our partners and our kids, leading to feelings of being disconnected and even drifting apart.


Stressed Out?


Burned Out?


You Are Not Alone!

 We feel the constant guilt of not being able to spend enough quality time with our kids because of our busy schedules.
Even though we are crazy busy, we still get that feeling that we are not doing enough.  Our minds are always racing… wishing we could be more present with the family.
The last thing we want to feel is the lifelong regret of being so busy at work (and other things) that we miss out on the important milestones and moments in our kid’s lives like being there to celebrate their wins and being there to help them with their struggles.


This regret can feel heavy at times… like a huge boulder on our shoulders weighing us down and holding us back from greater things. Things like lifelong dreams of taking the family to Europe, building a business that frees up more time, or finally getting that 6-pack… stomach, not beers!  

Spinning Our Wheels

We get caught in the hamster wheel of life that we lose touch with our hobbies, our passions, and even our own self-identity.
Oftentimes we feel lonely and yearn for support.  That extra connection is where we feel understood with a sense of belonging and without it, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, for months or even years, trying to figure out “what’s wrong?” when what’s been missing the whole time is finding a community…  a tribe of brothers.
Look no further.  We got you 👊

Welcome to power dad!

We understand your challenges + struggles & give you  the tools & support to help you overcome them.

For Only $97


The making of a POWER DAD...

Erwin Szeto

Founder of WealthHacker Academy & Podcast Host
Instilling new habits was a big part of the change and I got real about what was important in my life. I was trying to do too much and I was feeling overwhelmed. Finally something snapped. It was because Mike was holding me accountable. I got clear on my priorities & took action on the most important things first and here we are!” “Thanks Mike!


A Power Dad…

Is actively engaged in his kid’s life. He takes part in activities, plays a role in their education, and spends quality time with them. He understands the importance of being present and participating in their growth and development.

Seeks to strike a balance between his work and family life. He recognizes the significance of his role as a father and makes a conscious effort to allocate time and energy to his family while also pursuing his professional goals.

Understands the importance of personal growth and self-care. He recognizes that taking care of himself, both physically and mentally, allows him to be a better father and partner. He seeks opportunities for self-improvement and self-reflection.

Serves as a positive role model for his children. He demonstrates qualities such as responsibility, integrity, kindness, and respect. He strives to instill important values and life skills in his children through his own actions and behaviors.

Is a supportive partner to his spouse or co-parent. He actively shares parenting responsibilities, helps with household tasks, and seeks ways to support and uplift his partner in their shared journey of parenting.

As Busy Dads,
our top 3 struggles are...

Lack of Clarity

Not Enough Time

Low Energy

Here's How Power Dad Can Help You:

Gain Clarity and Purpose:

Say goodbye to feeling lost or confused about what you want from life. Our program will guide you to discover your true desires, align your actions with your values, and create a clear roadmap to success.

Time Optimization:

Stop wasting precious hours on unfulfilling activities. Power Dad will teach you proven strategies to maximize your productivity, eliminate time-wasting habits, and reclaim extra hours in your week for what truly matters.

Health and Energy Boost:

Say goodbye to fatigue + afternoon crashes and say hello to vibrant energy. Through our tailored health and wellness strategies, you'll learn how to prioritize self-care, optimize your nutrition, and develop sustainable habits that will leave you feeling revitalized and ready to conquer any challenge.

Be a Present and Engaged Dad:

Create amazing memories with your kids and build a strong bond. Power Dad will help you build the foundation to be fully present in their lives, make the most of every moment, and ensure you don't miss out on their precious milestones.

Leave a Lasting Impact:

Power Dad will help you feel more empowered so that you can make a significant impact in the world. Whether it's through philanthropy, mentorship, or leading by example, you'll have the tools and mindset to create a legacy that inspires others.

What Other Dads Are Saying…

“I’m a dad that has a lot going on in my life. Power Dad speeds up the process so that you can have more time with your family.”

-Winston Bromley

Module 1:

The Clarity Code: Sharpening Your Vision For Success

With the clarity code, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to gain a clear perspective on your priorities and the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. 

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your relationships, build a successful career, or make positive changes in your personal life, this module is the starting point that will provide you with the clarity and confidence you need to succeed.

Inside this training you’ll discover:

💥 What’s Working and What’s Not

Step into our time machine & transport into the past to better understand what makes you most happy + your greatest frustrations.

💥 Mike’s 14-Point Reality Check Score Card
Shine a light on the truth of what needs to be tweaked and what must go.
💥 What’s Important to You & What You Are Working Towards

An eye-opening experience where you will begin to connect the dots between where you are vs where you want to be.

💥 Your Power Dad Roadmap
Piece it all together to start living your Power Dad life.
Module 2:

The Time Ninja: Unlocking Hidden Time for Maximum Impact

You’ll learn how to ninja your way through even the busiest of days, unlocking time for the things that really matter. 
So if you’re ready to take control of your time and achieve maximum impact as a dad, join us on this epic time-traveling adventure. Your family (and your future self) will thank you!

Inside this training you’ll discover:

💥 The Truth of Time

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and you need to make them count. Here you will learn the ‘multiplication by subtraction’ formula for your life.

💥 How You Can Own The Day

A planning system custom fit for your life. Realistic enough that you can stick to it, challenging enough for your growth.

💥 Work Your Priorities
Here you maximize productivity by spending more time on high value activities & less time on distractions and time-wasters
Module 3:

Powering Up: Transforming Fatigue into Vitality for Power Dads

Are you feeling like a walking zombie, with your energy levels comparable to a sloth?

Fear not, Power Dad!  In this module, we’ll teach you the secrets to transforming your fatigue into vitality, so you can tackle fatherhood with the energy of a thousand suns (or at least a few cups of coffee). 

From simple lifestyle tweaks to advanced energy-boosting techniques, we’ve got everything you need. So strap on your superhero cape and get ready to power up!

Inside this training you’ll discover:

💥 The Energy Advantage
Learn how to integrate new, powerful lifestyle choices that skyrocket your energy + support your immune system. From powerful superfoods, to easy exercises you can do everywhere, we got you covered.
💥 A Better Understanding of Your Energy Tank
What fills your energy tank, and what drains your energy tank + how to eliminate afternoon crashes.
💥 The Power of Presence
Identify and minimize your stressors to maximize your peace of mind. Learn in-the-moment techniques to manage any crisis that can take you off course.
💥 Your Sleep Score

Helping you improve the quality of your sleep so you wake up energized and ready to kick ass.

Another PowerDad In The Making...

Jose Jafferji

Real Estate Agent & Investor
Everytime I talk to you Mike, I feel I am getting 1 step closer to my ideal lifestyle. Thanks for everything. Working with you has been a major turning point in my life.

Oliver Manalese

High Performance Coach
Mike has been such an important part of my growth and development over the years. He is someone who actually does the work and lives the principles he teaches (RARE!). If you're looking for a massive jumpstart towards transforming your life, definitely work with Mike


Who The Heck Am I & How Did PowerDad Get Started...

Hi I’m Mike, creator of Power Dad.

This program and the community were created from years of my own struggles.

I’m a dad with 2 young kids and there was no shortage of busyness.  I had a cushy government job, and a side business, and you’d often find me yapping away on two different phones, while on my laptop, when my two growing kids needed me most.

This made me tired, overwhelmed and close to full-on burnout.

It started affecting my relationships with my kids, my partner & family + friends.

I always put my health on the back burner. I had little time + energy left over at the end of the day to make a nice dinner or exercise.

Every day felt like Groundhog Day… just repeating the same day over and over and over again. 

Until one day, I decided I wanted something different. I wasn’t a fan of living that way anymore. I saw others living an Epic Life and I wanted more of that. I got curious. I started seeking advice from others that were already living the lifestyle I wanted.

So I started with some small changes (like the ones we share in the Power Dad Program) and I was getting results. I got a bunch of energy back, took control of my time, and most of all, got super clear about what mattered to me. 

I invested in my self-care and self-growth and because of that, I got way better at prioritizing time with my kids and genuinely getting excited about them and their interests. And if that wasn’t enough, it helped me gain the confidence to finally leave a job I wasn’t happy with to finally do work I love. 

I like that feeling, so I kept at it and here I am.

It’s been a crazy crazy journey filled with lots of ups & downs.  There are definitely times when I felt lost and lonely.

But over the years, I’ve been able to pick up a bunch of cool things that have helped me consistently feel better, become happier and put me on the fast track to reaching my goals. That’s why I’m super stoked. I’ve wanted to bring together the awesome things that I know will work super fast for dads who are just like me.

There is a Kevin Spacey quote that really stuck with me.  He said, “If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down”.

I just pushed the elevator button and I’m on the way down to get you.  Let’s rise together. 

It’s now my mission to help bring dads together to support each other on our journey to create a greater impact in the world.


I fully believe that we do that by being the best example for our kids.


And with that… Power Dad was born!

“If You Want To Go Far, Go Together”

African Proverb

When You Join Power Dad,
You'll Experience The Following Benefits:

Gain an hour a day through our Time Maximizer Framework, giving you more freedom to spend quality time with your kids, pursue hobbies, or work on personal projects.

Enjoy overflowing energy and vitality through our Energy Multiplier Method, ensuring you show up as your best self in all areas of life.

Achieve greater focus and productivity, allowing you to accomplish more in less time and eliminating the feeling of being constantly overwhelmed.

Cultivate a healthy life balance, leading to improved relationships, reduced stress levels, and a greater sense of fulfillment.

Develop a growth mindset and a positive outlook on life, unlocking your full potential as a dad, partner, and leader.

Create a legacy that your children will be proud of, leaving a lasting impact on their lives and the world.


Instant access to our Training Platform which includes all the tools, resources, exercises that will set you up for ultimate success

Support from our coaches & your fellow brothers

Accountability to ensure you stay focused on your goals

Full access to connect with your brothers in the Power Dad Community

Our Results Accelerator Framework to help set you up for ultimate success

Manage your time & priorities more efficiently with our ‘Own The Day’ System

... and so much more



2-for-1 offer

When you commit today, you get the Founding Brother’s Special Price of $97 PLUS you also get to invite another dad along for the ride with you. 

Dads Helping Dads!

The best way to go through the Power Dad program is with the support of people that are close to you.

But this offer is only open for a limited time. 

So sign up today, and you’ll unlock two spots in the Power Dad Program, one for you, and one for your dad friend!

Extra Support + Added Accountability = More Success

How’s that for some good math?

Only a Couple Spots Available!

Does this sound like you?

You are someone who always wants to be growing & never wants to feel stagnant.

You want to be the best role model for your kids & expand your impact.

You want more momentum, growth & success.

You want to own your time, your calendar & your future.

You want to feel understood and surrounded by people also looking for more.

You want to live life at the highest level possible.

If you answered yes...




"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!"
Margaret Mead

"Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much!"

Margaret Mead

Oliver Manalese

High Performance Coach
Mike has been such an important part of my growth and development over the years. He is someone who actually does the work and lives the principles he teaches (RARE!). If you're looking for a massive jumpstart towards transforming your life, definitely work with Mike

Here’s what you get when you commit right now…

  • Instant login to our Power Dad Training Platform so you can get started right away. Not having to wait for confirmation emails & all that other jazz.
  • Access to an exclusive community of like-minded dads who will support and uplift you on your journey to success.
  • 2-for-1 bonus so you can invite your bestie

🔥 That’s $1000+ of total value for only $97 🔥

This is a limited-time offer & there are only a couple spots left at this price!

So if you are thinking of doing this, do it sooner than later!




Our promise to you is that when you fully commit to Power Dad & you go ALL IN, you will gain more clarity + feel more organized + energized. But if you’re still not happy with the value of the program within the next 30 days,  we’ll give you a full refund.  You really have nothing to lose.  

Commit to Power Dad now
and unlock your full potential!

The Power Dad Program combines expert guidance, amazing support, and a proven framework to ensure your transformation is sustainable and long-lasting 💥

You have one shot at this life
Let's make the most of it!

Take action now to become that Power Dad
that your family deserves.

Go all-in for only $97
Your power awaits you 👊